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Returning to Italy, I met the black cats we were familiar with. Maradona had grown up, but he was still as kind and trusting. I treated him to a piece of sausage, he took it in his teeth and carried it to the basement. This intrigued me. I followed the cat. Maradona carried a piece of sausage to the little kittens! Their mother Murka was there with them, that’s what I named this cat, she also lives on the street… and her four black kittens! This is how friendly street black cats live in one of the villages in Italy. These cats help each other survive in difficult situations and conditions. And in one of my “one day story…”  videos on the ArtSvitSolo YouTube channel, Caesar, as the head of his pride, protects his territory from other cats, thereby ensuring the safety of the little kittens. We have something to learn from nature!